True Care Summer Youth Program for Mission High School Students


 What is the Alternative Peer Group (APG)?

The mission of There is No Hero in Heroin Foundation (TINHIH) is to develop the first/only Alternative Peer Group for high school age kids in the Las Vegas community.

Introduction – The Problem 

  • 10% of youth 12-17 are current substance users
  • By 12th grade, 65% have experimented with alcohol
  • 4 million adolescents needed treatment for alcohol dependence
  • 1 million adolescents needed treatment for legal and illegal drug use
  • Most prevalent cause of teen morbidity and mortality in US

“Market Study.” State of Recovery High Schools: 2016 Biennial Report. The Association Of Recovery Schools, 2016. Web. 08 Nov. 2016

Alternative Peer Groups (APG) 

  • The Alternative Peer Group model was created to address the emotional, psychological, spiritual and social needs of teens struggling with substance abuse issues 
  • This unique treatment model integrates the important peer connection with sound clinical practice through intervention, support, education, accountability and family involvement. 

APG’s – The Solution? 

Motivation:  Can the same relationships that initiate and support use and dependence prove effective in facilitating recovery?

Program:  Recovering teens attend self-help groups with sober recovering peers.

Requirements:  Completion of a substance abuse treatment program, a minimum of two months’ sobriety, parental permission if less than 18 years old, agreement to a behavioral contract stressing integrity and commitment to the program, especially attendance.  Parent participation is required.  Each APG is led by a certified counselor.

Call to Action- you can help this initiative by:

  • Monetary donations
  • “In Kind” donations for services and/or items
  • Volunteer your time to a forgotten generation! Children may be 20% of our population, however they are 100% of our future!