APG December Calendar

What is the Alternative Peer Group (APG)?

The mission of There is No Hero in Heroin Foundation (TINHIH) is to develop the first/only Alternative Peer Group for high school age kids in the Las Vegas community.

Introduction – The Problem 

  • 10% of youth 12-17 are current substance users
  • By 12th grade, 65% have experimented with alcohol
  • 4 million adolescents needed treatment for alcohol dependence
  • 1 million adolescents needed treatment for legal and illegal drug use
  • Most prevalent cause of teen morbidity and mortality in US

“Market Study.” State of Recovery High Schools: 2016 Biennial Report. The Association Of Recovery Schools, 2016. Web. 08 Nov. 2016

Alternative Peer Groups (APG) 

  • The Alternative Peer Group model was created to address the emotional, psychological, spiritual and social needs of teens struggling with substance abuse issues 
  • This unique treatment model integrates the important peer connection with sound clinical practice through intervention, support, education, accountability and family involvement. 

APG’s – The Solution? 

Motivation:  Can the same relationships that initiate and support use and dependence prove effective in facilitating recovery?

Program:  Recovering teens attend self-help groups with sober recovering peers.

Requirements:  Completion of a substance abuse treatment program, a minimum of two months’ sobriety, parental permission if less than 18 years old, agreement to a behavioral contract stressing integrity and commitment to the program, especially attendance.  Parent participation is required.  Each APG is led by a certified counselor.

Call to Action- you can help this initiative by:

  • Monetary donations
  • “In Kind” donations for services and/or items
  • Volunteer your time to a forgotten generation! Children may be 20% of our population, however they are 100% of our future!